Why Workshop Tunes?

My name is Wes and after leaving a 20+ year career in commercial radio in 2019 and working several years in my own workshop @WesWoodStuffs as a fulltime woodworker and listening to what was available on the radio where I live.  I wasn’t finding what I was wanting to listen to. Playlists in my opinion get boring very quickly. I like a quality curated music experience that a well programmed station can provide. I’m pretty familiar with what’s on offer from terrestrial radio and streaming services. There just isn’t a station out there with the exact kind of mix I thought would sound best in my shop that’s why I built Workshop Tunes.

I am hopeful there will be some others out there that will enjoy the music. Another aspiration for Workshop Tunes is to use the channel as a megaphone for makers, builders, fabricators and fixers. To spread news and share info, and promote the work and creativity coming out of shops of all kinds.

Craftsmen, Craftswomen, Artists, and Makers of all kinds this station is for you.

Thanks for listening!