WST Dee Jays

Wes Poe, Headshot

Wes Poe Weekdays 10-3 USA Central Time Zone

Thanks for allowing your curiosity drag you deeper into the Workshop Tunes webpage. You get to see a picture of me, and think to yourself, "he doesn't look anything like he sounds on the radio."
I've been involved with music programming most of my adult life at radio stations. I left the corporate radio world in 2019 to launch Wes Wood Stuffs woodshop. I spend most of my days building in my workshop behind our house, which lead to the idea to create a channel to serve, makers, fabricators, and builders in Workshops everywhere.
Combining music, and woodworking just feels right to me. Ottawa, KS is where I’m based and enjoy the small-town life with my wife and our kiddos.
If you want to reach out to me, all emails from the contact us page come directly to me. Social media links are in the header. Find my woodwork posts @weswoodstuffs. 
Cheers! Wes
More DJ's may join Workshop Tunes down the road. With success brings the ability to add more services for listeners. I'm hopeful for the eventuality!